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Bible Baptist Mission, Inc.

PO Box 17615

Pensacola FL 32522



     Bible Baptist Mission was organized in Pensacola, Florida on July 22, 1979 and was granted a charter by the State of Florida on August 13, 1979.  BBM is a non-profit corporation organized to promote the dissemination of the word of God by any means possible, the winning of souls to the Lord Jesus Christ and the establishment of independent Baptist churches.
    BBM is a Bible-believing mission board in that we believe that the Authorized King James Version of 1611 is the inerrant, infallible word of God, and is the Absolute and Final Authority in all matters of faith and practice.
    BBM is affiliated with Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.
The mailing address of Bible Baptist Mission is P.O. Box 17615, Pensacola, Florida 32522.
BBM has established banking relations with Regions Bank.


     There are many churches that prefer to support missionaries directly rather than through a mission board.  Differences in opinions of policy, procedure and practice often occur, but there is no reason for missionary effort to suffer because of these differences.
Many other missionaries for one reason or another don’t choose to represent various mission boards, choosing rather to go out directly from the churches.  Many such missionaries do not meet the qualifications of the various boards.  Certainly, every servant of the Lord must be spiritually qualified to serve on the mission field, but oftentimes rules, regulations and policies are not flexible enough to include men and women, called of God, but through circumstances over which they have no control, cannot meet the requirements of the boards.  For example, age restrictions, in many instances keep good, experienced men and women from going to certain fields where age is not a factor.  BBM has no age restrictions or educational requirements for any missionary.  However, if a missionary candidate is enrolled in a school, he will not be accepted until his last year.
    The most difficult problem facing the churches and missionaries is finding someone to process their missionary gifts: someone that will hold the ropes for the missionary while he serves overseas, someone in whom he has confidence to handle his funds while he is serving in a foreign land, and someone the church can know will process its gifts efficiently and faithfully without usurping the church’s biblical authority.  
    We believe that Bible Baptist Mission has the answer to this problem.  BBM has no desire to compete with the work already being done and the services being rendered, but desires to compliment that work by providing for those for whom nothing has been prepared (Neh. 8:10). 

     We trust we can be of service to the churches and missionaries.  If you desire further information, please contact Bible Baptist Mission.

     Bible Baptist Mission is unique in that there are no regulations on the missionaries and the missionary is completely independent and free to carry on his ministry as he sees fit in accordance with the Mission's Handbook.  We believe that the missionary is responsible to his own home church and ultimately God.  BBM stands ready to serve the churches and offers to be a clearinghouse for your missionary funds.  BBM covenants with the churches to receive and process your missionary support in a confidential manner without restrictive policies or qualifications.  The use of the services of BBM does not involve the church or pastor in policies or regulations with which the church does not agree.  There is no service charge deducted from the missionary’s support for the operation and maintenance of the Mission Board.  The board operates on separate gifts of churches and individuals.
    BBM offers to print the prayer letters of its missionaries and to send them to whomever the missionary desires free of charge.  This relieves the churches and missionaries of a lot of extra bookkeeping and trouble.
    The only requirement made by BBM is that the missionary be saved, called to the mission field and be a member in good standing of a local Baptist church.
    In order for missionary funds to be Income Tax deductible, checks must be made payable to Bible Baptist Mission or simply “BBM.”  Please place the missionary’s name or names on a note enclosed with the check.  Cash, for Income Tax purposes must be accompanied by a note stating the name and address of the contributor and the purpose for which the contribution is to be used.
    We thank you and trust this information will encourage you in your support of the work of the Lord.


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