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            The Mission, being an independent organization affiliated with Bible Baptist                       Church in Pensacola, Florida, declares itself to be desirous of fellowship and                    cooperation with all true believers of like precious faith where such fellowship                    and cooperation does not involve compromise of the basic truths of the word of         God, including separation from unbelievers, liberals, modernists, and false                         teachers in spiritual matters.

            The Mission desires to be recognized as thoroughly and distinctly Baptistic in that       we believe in:
            1. The separation of Church and State;
            2. The priesthood of all believers;
           3. The Lordship of Jesus Christ;
           4. The importance, independence, and autonomy of the local church;
           5. The ordinances given to the local church are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper;
           6. The pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ;
           7. The salvation of souls by grace through faith alone.

            The Mission firmly believes that the Great Commission has never been rescinded.    The fact that it was given at four different times shows God’s great concern for a lost mankind.  We believe that all born-again believers are to be missionary-minded, both at home and on the foreign field.  We believe that God honors a local church that is missionary-minded by calling out members for work as full-time missionaries, and thus honored, the churches should sacrificially contribute that others are able to go.
    The Mission desires like-minded people who, feeling God’s call, want a Bible-believing Baptist board to work through.  The Mission will consider for candidacy any who feel called.
    The main purpose of this Board is to send missionaries out that will preach and teach the word, win souls, and establish independent Baptist churches.
    100% of the money sent in for the missionary is received by the missionary.  The missionary must trust God for his financial support during deputation and on the field.  Doors must be prayed open and the need of the particular field presented.  Any church that gives toward a missionary’s support is under no obligation other than love for missions and the Lord’s command.


     In these days of great denominations, fellowships and mission boards, is there a need for another board?  The BBM Board believes so—and this is not meant to detract from those mentioned above.
    Hopefully, the below listed reasons will show that this Board is necessary and can serve in good use in God’s service.
FIRST: The original board members saw a tremendous need in the countries of the world for missionaries that would preach and teach the word, win souls, and build strong independent Baptist churches.  After much prayer they banded together to encourage people to go to these very needy fields.  The Mission will prayerfully consider any who feel a definite call of God to the foreign field.
SECOND: The members saw a trend among some boards toward Neo-Evangelicalism and the practice of starting humanitarian works at the expense of the word of God.
THIRD: The members grew alarmed at the number of boards that were using Neo-Orthodox bible translations; whereas all fundamental Baptists abhor anything that diminishes or blasphemes the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  For these reasons, the BBM Board was founded.
    BIBLE BAPTIST MISSION does not charge the missionaries for any service it performs, i.e., prayer letters, mail postage, church lists, prayer card and letterhead design, etc.
    If any pastor is interested in missionary speakers for missions conferences, regular services, or any other occasion, please contact the Board.

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